How is it possible to fuse the richness of Brazilian percussion, the magic of Balkan music, the feeling of Flamenco, with Electronica and visuals? That’s "Electrorumbaiao".  Dj Panko  is one of the most famous Dj’s from Barcelona’s Mestizo music scene, a pioneer in mixing Flamenco breaks, adding his own personal touch. Dj Panko is known worldwide as one of the founders of the band Ojos de Brujo, where he’s won important awards like: THE LATIN GRAMMY and BBC AWARDS.  Alan Sousa  is a fantastic percussionist from Salvador de Bahia, who has worked with some of the best Brazilian artists like Gilberto Gil, Netinho, Armandinho, Daniela Mercury, Banda Eva, among many others! After nine years residing in Barcelona, he has been able to work with acclaimed artists like Carlos Nuñez, Javier Juibal, Javier Muguruza, Macaco, Lenacay and Zulu 9.30, among others. Dj Panko and Alan Sousa began to work together in LENACAY, and musically speaking there was an immediate connection between them. In less than a year they put together ERB with a curiosity for synchronizing rhythms from Bahia and Flamenco through Electronica...


Pleased with the first results of their research they decided to invite  Anatol Eremciuc  one of the best accordionists from Moldavia presently residing in Barcelona and considered to be one of the very best subway musicians in the world. He recently played at the festival organized by REDBULL in Brazil and Canada where he was an award winner. His contribution of both melodies from Baiao and his roots in Balkan music brought a new color that fits in naturally with Panko and Alan’s project. So Balkan harmony was added to Baiao rhythms and Rumbas. Creating a unique, very special sound . When playing live we are also joined by  Vj.Andoid(Andre Cruz) in charge of the visuals. A friend of Dj Panko’s in Ojos de Brujo and other projects, Andre has known the exact way to give this original musical project a visual dimension. Izä and Kumar are also on their live sets mixing the flamenco spirit with the Cuban Flow . So Electrorumbaiao has become a very powerful interactive show that has been praised by many artists and the audiences attending their concerts. Six artists who, with highly acknowledged talent, are committed to a Powerful Fusion. Electrorumbaiao is born and wants to introduce itself to the world

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